My name is Lynda and welcome to Fitnessmomwinecountry.  I am a mother of three children.  One off in college and two still home here with us for many more years of embarrassing them and teaching them life lessons, while also teaching and talking about healthy foods and lifestyle.  After all, we are our children's teachers.

I am married to my best friend and after 15 years my obvious soul mate.  My husband's name is Jeremy, our children are Michael, Noah and Faith.  We live in the most beautiful setting of Sonoma, CA.  The "Wine Country" and absolutely love it.  We are surrounded by beautiful and wonderful food, amazing wines, and just my luck my hubby is an ex chef - restaurateur. We also have our two cats and we can't forget about Stryker the family "baby".  Stryker goes everywhere we go. He too lives a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and clean eating.  Grains and veggies are a fav of his.

My best friend


 We love nothing more than to entertain and cook and prepare foods for our friends.  I believe that the heart of the home is the kitchen.  It is where all the love and laughter comes from, it is where the bonding of family and friends comes in.

 Now that our children are old enough to get into the kitchen with us, it is very important to talk to them and teach them about our foods, from shopping, to prepping, to creating.  Being home with them and being able to do this is my biggest joy.  I am so blessed to be living the life God has granted us and raising our healthy children. 

Along with good food and wine, comes my passion for fitness. I have always been very aware of my body, yet also very critical of it. The ups and downs of the body issues and struggles with those extra pounds here and there. Totally understanding that we all have the same issues and struggles. The same insecurities. This is why I started facebook.com/fitnessmomwinecountry. She is my passion and the start of my dream. She is me and she is all of you. I wanted to take my own personal journey and knowledge and pay it forward. Positive energy, pure motivation and determination make each day a new journey. Baby steps are better than no steps.

Some of my most fav things....

Fresh cut flowers in the house (in as many rooms as possible)
The smell of rain and opening the windows to hear it
A comfy pair of jeans and a great t-shit
A cozy sweater
Coconut oil on the skin after my shower
A summer tan
Workout clothes
Hair in a ponytail
Having bottles of good "bubbly" in the house for any occasion
Fresh sushi
Taking all the latest magazines and reading them in bed
Old movies (the classics...with to name a few Doris Day, Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Katharine Hepburn)....to name a few
Crying while watching a movie
My faith in God
Candles in the kitchen
Building tents with the kids out of chairs and blankets (still)
Board games, all and every
Laughing out loud
Holding my hubby's hand while walking with him
Hearing our children laugh and talk while having a "sleepover" in one another's room
Getting my eyebrows waxed
NFL football (Monday's, Sunday's and Thursday nights) I am busy
Watching Faith swim on her swim team
Watching Noah play baseball
Watching Michael (our oldest) grow into a amazing young man

 Running is my number one must do. I am one of those women (you know the one who has tried it all) from Pilate's, to many years of working out in the gym, taking every class possible and worked with personal trainers. Oh let's not leave out all the crazy "diet" tricks written that I have tried and done. By the way, "diet" is a bad word, and I never use it. Clean eating and healthy lifestyle are the words and mantra for this mom.

This is the next chapter in my life and I can't wait to share it with you and have us all take the same journey to happy and  healthy lifestyles.  Loving ourselves and bodies enough to want to keep them going for a long time.  Enough for our children to look up to us and be inspired by us.  To be healthy enough to play with our children and have fun. 

 Please follow my blog and join.  I want to hear from you and grow with you.


Furita Rhapsados said...

I envy you that you have a hubby who is a ex-chef T_T

But very true, all the happiness and fun times really does start from the food, its what keeps us happy and what brings us together 8)



kindergartencrush17 said...

Just wanted you to know that I nominated for the very inspiring blogger award :) http://wp.me/p2wkob-2q

Lynda Benson said...

I am so excited and humbled @kindergartencrush....thank you so much

Sonya Anderson said...


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Sonya Anderson