Sunday, November 13

It's Been Too Long

It's been too long since my last post..I am hoping to get into the habit of "visiting" or "sharing" on here more often. My facebook page Fitnessmom is doing very well and I could not  be happier. If even half of the followers on the page are actually reading and paying attention to my so called "words of wisdom" then I am successful.  Now I am hoping to capture the attention of fellow bloggers "peeps" out here:)

We are two weeks away from Thanksgiving - and it all begins, the start of the emotional roller-coaster.  Families either flying or driving from afar, staying with us or at hotels.  Trying to find time to take care of kids, homework, activities, work (for some) , thinking about maybe getting the house together, the menu together and all of the family drama that goes along with this wonderful holiday..and let's not forget the fact that this time of year can cause many of us to totally and completely fall of the "health and fitness" wagon.  This is where Fitnessmom comes in.  I am the first person to admit how easy it is to pull open that tub of sour cream and add that onion pack to go with those wavy chips, I am the first to admit how tempting it is to hit every aisle in the market that is decorated with all the holiday food items.  You know the one's, the baked goods, or the boxes of bake from home items.  Of course they make everything in the aisles look so tasty and pretty and colorful, and this time of year, the stores put all of it on some kind of special, so if you "buy one, you get one", etc..

Well, listen up peeps..if we don't have the will power now, it is only going to get worse (we still have December to get through).  Who says or who ever said that we had to buy all this food? That we had to bake all the pies, cakes, cookies, etc..? Did someone put a "Holiday Food Law" in place? 

We need to be smart and really get on the path of eating properly and healthy, yes even during holiday I am not saying don't enjoy ourselves, but be smart about it.  Starting now and continuing  through the next two weeks is a perfect time to get mentally prepared to take charge of what we are going to be putting into our bodies and just as importantly, how much.  We can enjoy this season and we can enjoy it in a good way...More to come, we have a lot of work to do...:)


Michelle said...

Great Post! I have always baked and baked a lot.. from Halloween to New Years eve my oven has been on. This year it is not happening! I have not bought any supplies for baking and have plans to not cook anything for Thanksgiving... we will be going to families or friends and just being tempted once... no making my house smell good or filling it with left overs. I am thinking of doing a little something after Christmas.. an open house type of day... and only having healthy treats out.. lots of fruits and veggies and some nuts and items like that. It is a daily struggle to change my baking habits.. but this will be so much healthier and in the long run that is what really counts.

Jodi Wells said...

You got that right! It is a smart idea to get in the right mind set NOW before all the food is out in the open!

Henutri said...

Hey! i love you site :)! thanks for commenting on mine (henutri). I have tried to get in touch with you, but i can`t find a mail anywhere.

Can you please take contact :) i got some suggestions to a way both our blogs will grow!

The mail is or willy wicha on facebook. said...

Whew, sounds exhausting! Glad we don't have Thanksgiving in Australia - those holidays are just too close together! Australia Day (Jan 26) we have street parties, but it's too hot for all the baked goodies, so we enjoy various salads and lovely fresh home grown fruits - plus anything goes on a BBQ of course; lamb, steak, sausages, kebabs - even bananas! That's our downfall :-)