Wednesday, January 4

It a New Year

I don't make Resolutions I make Goals...I read that somewhere, and it it is my fav moto...So here we are 2012...and time to make the big plans...We are being overwhelmed with infomercials, and commercials, and weight loss this and that...The stores are putting out deals on all the latest and greatest tools, gadgets, and workout toys..Heck, even I try to get people to join my Beach Body challenge through my P90x/Shakeology group...But here is the real deal...NOTHING will happen or things won't change unless we DO the work...I don't care what we "buy into", if we do not get up off our booties, then guess whaty no changey...Excuses? I don't think so, these are in our heads.

An example of what happens, we get all excited and set ourselves up, however we need to be realistic so not to fail...
Set out to just “be healthy” and you’re selling yourself short. Vague goals give people too much leeway and can lower their motivation to push themselves.
So be precise and say, for example, that you want to lower your body fat by 5 percent or be able to run a 10-K.
You should be able to gauge and quantify your progress, both in the short-term and long-term. Set micro (weekly) and macro (monthly) goals to keep yourself on track.
Be Attainable If you can barely find 20 free minutes in your day, don’t set yourself up for failure by saying you’ll run for 50 minutes five days a week.
Be Realistic Even with the smartest plan and the strongest determination, your body can only handle so much. Sure, fast weight loss is possible, but if you drop more than about a pound and a half a week, you’re most likely looking at muscle and water loss—not fat.
Be Time-sensitive Deadlines create a sense of urgency and make your goal a priority. Give yourself a year to drop 75 to 100 pounds, four to six months to train for a marathon (if you’re a new runner), and two months to lose 10 percent to 12 percent of your body fat.

 Don't let this year be another "one of those years"...a year gone past and regrets yet again that you did not set out to complete your "resolution" this is why I call it a "GOAL" "Mentally and Physically Healthy", be happy, be organized, be wise, be smart and remember while doing all of that, stop and take some time to breathe deep and rest...You can be successful this year...:)

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