Wednesday, June 13

Simple Fontina Spinach-Stuffed Chicken

It's pretty much Summer and time for really light meals. We don't have the new grill up yet, however we can still get creative in a warm weather way with cooking indoors.  I want to devote more time to this blog, but with days busy with other activities, well it seems to be difficult.  I tend to feel guilty being on a computer during the nice days instead of playing with the kids, even though they are not lacking in the attention area from us.
I really love when my hubby is home from work and we can plan out a "date" dinner.  Those are my most fav meals.  This Fontina Chicken is one we had last night.

Serve for 4 Peeps

Chicken Breast, boned and skinless 4
Fontina Cheese
Granulated Garlic
Fresh Spinach Leaves (if you are not able to get good fresh produce) go with the frozen spinach but defrost first
Green Scallions
Rice (white or brown)
Low Sodium Veggie Broth

Pound the chicken out, place in between Saran wrap to keep mess minimal
Sprinkle sea salt and ground pepper and add two slices of Fontina cheese and about 8 spinach leaves *NOTE* this is for each breast
Roll the breast and turn left side, then right side and place fold down on foil in baking dish, drizzle EVOO over the top and sprinkle with fav seasonings.

Bake for about 20 mins at 350 degrees OR until the center of the breast is 165 degrees. Serve with rice.

Cook rice in low sodium veggie broth OR chicken broth and add sliced green scallions after cooked for color and flavor. Add some sauteed or steamed veggies for a side or not, this was just filling enough without feeling super full.

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