Tuesday, September 11

I'll Have the Jicama Please....

I have read about it and even have seen it in the market...Jicama, but never picked one up (that I recall) and took one home to actually do something with it.  Although I have heard how great Jicama tastes, I just did not know how good it was until last night.

Thanks to a great recipe from Simply Recipes we enjoyed Jicama Salad for two with seared shrimp (my hubby and I added the shrimp) in order to make this into a full meal and what a great idea that was.  The warm shrimp went really well mixed in with the coolness of the salad, it was a perfect blend and in fact caused of to have a "fork war" over the bites of shrimp.

The first thing is to always start out with fresh ingredients if you can.  No I am not saying that everything needs to be "organic".  I would rather have people buy and eat veggies any way that they can without worrying about paying more for the organic as I know it can get costly.  So fresh always.

Jicama 1 Whole
Red Bell Pepper 1/2
Yellow Pepper 1/2
Green Bell 1/2
Red Onion 1/2
Cucumber  1/2 (we used English cucumber) these are longer and thinner than a regular cucumber, with a thinner skin and a sweeter taste, almost seedless because the seeds are so small.  These cucumbers make great salads for Thai food recipes also.
Orange 1 Whole (cut crosswise and then quarter)
Fresh Cilantro 1/2 cup
Lime Juice (just squeeze)
Cayenne (pinch)
Paprika (pinch)
Kosher salt (pinch)
Granulated Garlic Powder

Finely chop everything and add to a bowl with EVOO and mix together.  Set aside and let stand while preparing the shrimp.

Clean and de-vain the shrimp (there is never enough in my opinion)  so go with what you want.  Add shrimp to pan with EVOO, cumin, paprika and granulated garlic powder.  Saute until pink and done.

Serve all together and garnish with fresh cilantro and lime. You will want "second" helpings with this.  This with a glass of Cupcake Prosecco and Monday Night Football was perfect.