Monday, July 9

That Darn "Tummy"

Do you notice that it seems are we always complaining and whining about our "stomachs", or "tummies", "abs","mid-section" whatever name we choose?  It is summer and time to wear and have fun with cute form-fitting t's and tops, bathing suits, even workout wear,  without having the muffin top or the tire just hanging around.  The only place those belong are in a bakery or on a car.   What about all the "belly bling"?  Sure some women are very brave to take that on, but not all of us can pull that off. 

Having children does not always seem to be the "fault" or "blame" of the stomach issue.  Sure having kids can do a major re-construction job on the area, but not true in all cases.  Some just have the problem without having given birth to those sweet blessings. 

Do we exercise? Honestly, are we really putting forth the effort? Well I am not able to speak for all of you, but I know I stay on a regular (okay somewhat regular) workout schedule.  Could I do more, of course.  But what about you?  Is your head saying "why bother", "more crunches", "sit-ups again", OR "I run and workout all the time" but nothing is happening with my mid section. 

 Well I hate to be the bubble burster here, but let's talk REAL.  The fact is very clear and simple.  All the crunches, ab work in the world won't make a difference if we are not living a healthy lifestyle with our DIETS and I mean as in food sense lifestyle, not some crazy "plan" or "pill".   Guess what, there is no magic pill.  Sure you might have a "quick fix" of maybe a day of rid of bloating because you try some crazy product or drank something magical.  But the only "magic" you will find will be by altering your diet and exercise routine together.

Let's cut out Processed Foods....Hellooooooo

Processed foods are the quick route to the "belly fat", the "larger pant or skirt size", the ticket to the "granny panty"....okay so nothing wrong with a granny panty, heck I have a few pair myself, but you get the point.

If we want to really lose some pounds and be serious, the come on we know we have to change our lifestyle, we need to really make that commitment to stop buying the sugars foods, the sodas, chemically altered fats, all processed, packaged, fried and preserved foods.

I know, I know, it is sooo hard to eat healthy, so I have heard.  Well that is a bunch of garbage.  Literally cut out the garbage in our diets and enter the world of whole and fresh food, the world of cleaner eating. Don't get caught up with your head telling you it is "too hard", "there is not enough time", "I can't afford it", "I don't know what to buy",  and on and on. 

Clean eating and living a healthy lifestyle is meant for everyone.  Think foods like:
Green Veggies

Whole Fruit
Lean Meats (we don't eat red meat) but there are plenty of other options
Colorful Veggies
Whole Grains (but in moderation)
Sea Food

Learn to get creative with the food, there are so many sites and place on the Internet to go and explore recipes, tips and options to do with fresh food.  You will get all the nutrients you need for your body to start shedding pounds and get lean.

Then there is exercise. Being consistent with a routine of some sort is better than nothing at all.  We are not going to wish away that stomach and it's extra "stuff" that is in the way.  No, we have to move and I mean get your sweat on move.  Exercise should always be modified for each individual and in cases with health or medical problems, then of course a doctor should be seen.  But in most cases sticking with a 3-5 day a week program will be a great start. Challenge your body as you go forward, keep it guessing after sometime by changing up your routine and the intensity.

Let's stop the complaing, let's stop the hating, let's learn to love our tummies and let's make the change and commitment to do so.


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