Sunday, July 29

Doing Pizza The Lazy Way...But With A Twist

Okay so it was another full day at the pool and we are all wiped out.  I just remember driving back home, chatting with the hubby about what to do for dinner.  You know, those conversations where you bounce ideas back and forth between the two of you and see what you come up with.  OR the one's where you include the kids and then you are really opening up a can of worms, because when they are involved it ends up being something as simple as tacos (which in our case could be every night if they were in charge) or a full on debate in the back seat with each one throwing out meal ideas as fast as their brains and mouths can formulate, while trying to outdo each other.

Not this time, nope, this time the conversation about dinner is on the "down low" or is it "low down", (I can never remember which way it goes), and my hubby and I are speaking as softly as possible only to hear our words while the kids keep busy with whatever electronic device they are playing with that still has a battery charge.  Oh yeah, that is another story in itself, traveling with electronics and forgetting to charge up first.

Now I know we are always trying to eat as healthy as we can and yes, it is pretty much always about "clean eating" no processed, no pre-packaged.  We do live this pretty much all the time, however there are those days when we are going to find ourselves in a situation where my planning and prepping have not been up to speed.  So in this case how can we come up with something and still keep it as healthy as possible?

Well "healthy pizza" (no not homemade this time) but added a twist.  Whole Foods has a great Greek Pizza with whole wheat-thin crust.  This, added with our special flare made it a great fast and healthy meal without feeling too full. 

Needed for the pizza :
Raw Shrimp (Peeled and devained)
Red Pepper Flakes (if you are into hot) the hubby puts those on his side :)

Place all the ingredients into a bowl and mix together with the EVOO, place on top of the pizza and place the pizza on your pizza brick and cook per instructions. The shrimp will be fine and will cook along with it.  We did not need a salad for this meal because of all the goodies on the Greek pizza.

To make the dinner even easier, the kids opted for Ravioli's and a quick salad on the side.

This was the day that had reached her 6000 fan and well, that was a reason to celebrate, so while at Whole Foods, we had to pick up a gluten free "Whoopie Pie" and share along with a little bubbly.  Another great day, and managed to pull of a last minute dinner. :)

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