Thursday, July 26

My New Fav Headband....:)

Thank you to Sweaty Bands for sending me these cute and super comfy head bands. Since I seem to be lacking in the creative hair department, I live in ponytails and headbands.  I have tried my fill of many different brands and styles, and even prices.  From the supermarket to the designer boutique in some cute town. I have even resorted to taking some of our daughter's headbands and tried wearing those. 

I look for and love something that is soft, easy to slip on and mostly, stay on while I am out running.  Also, it doesn't hurt to have it look cute enough to wear out and will be comfortable enough for me to wear with my reading glasses at the same time. 

Normally headbands are too thick around the ear area for my glasses to fit, or they get tight and cause me to get headaches. These Sweaty Bands are my new number one fav and since I am so loving these, I want to share the extra one I have and give it away to a fellow fan of

I love that I can wear my reading glasses with these

Looks like it is time for my hair appt...:)

SO, since I want to give the other headband away, I will do so to the 6,500 fan on my facebook page.  In the meantime, go check out


Colleen Steffen said...

Hey Lynda...I am suppose to be asleep but instead I just ordered two headbands to test out. One inch and 1.5". They do sell them local, but I saw that they had clearance ones and most likely the stores mark them up. Hoping I love them :) Thanks for posting.

Lynda Benson said...

That is so great Colleen...Let me know what you think when you wear them...:)