Monday, October 22

It's Official, I need 1- 800 ...

Okay, so I have been just racking my brain for weeks now over this blog thing.  Do I keep using Blogger, do I go to Word Press?  How do I start creating? Do I self host, not self host?  URL's, HTML'S, RSS, WIDGET, GIDGET, BUTTONS, GADGETS, I'VE HAD IT!

As much as I love getting to my organized, super cute desk to my computer and just let my fingers run all over the keyboard - flowing like a gentle spring breeze coming through the window, I find myself stuck at times.  I can't tell you how many days, even at the oddest moments that I have "the story" in my mind that I want or need to share. 

It is almost always at the oddest time and of course when I have no pen or paper around that something comes to me. 
  • The shower... guess I need a dry/erase board hanging right outside the shower curtain. 
  • The car... I wonder if I can use OnStar as my personal dictation program, you know just call them up and say "No, I don't have an emergency","I just need to record my thoughts, can you send them back to me"?
  • Out running/walking as I start mumbling to myself the thoughts, only to hope that I can remember them by the time I get home and that anyone passing me thinks I am just talking to my dog.
Oh and about "blogging", I have no idea how the mom's with little one's at home do it.  My kids are in school during the day and I have the time, of course between making recipes, running Fitnessmomwinecountry, finding the time and not excuses to keep exercising, planning meals for the night or week, the house work, the errands....hmmmm and let's see I know there is more....OH yes and showering!  I am totally impressed and amazed by the blogging I have seen out there, the great one's I love to follow and the posts are done almost daily.  How on earth ladies?  Please, do tell.  There must be a "secret" to accomplishing all this.

 I don't have daily "workout" logs that I blog.  I don't have the DIY "crafts" to share.  We all pretty much know by now that I can't bake (although when I do, I put in every effort I can to NOT catch anything on fire and to try to give my kids those memories). I do however have our food and recipes to share and our daily, quirky stories from life in our family.  So I guess that will have to be enough for now.  I have to remind myself to not worry about what I am NOT doing or what I can't keep up and know that I am doing what is working for me and LOVE and enjoy reading the accomplishments of others out there, while adding a small corner of my world with the rest of yours.

For those who read and follow me and my family, I appreciate it and love you coming back for more, and when I am having those moments when I am feeling lost in "blog fog", I always have my naps!

Be Blessed
Lynda xoxoxo


AlexandraFunFit said...

How I find time - A. Get a twin sister to help. B. Stay up really late. In truth, each of us has to do what works best for us. You are smart not to worry about what other people are doing, as you are best at being YOU. I like your gently style.

Lynda Benson said...

Thank you Alexandra....I used to stay up late, but found that I was too tired to keep doing that...LOL I will keep at my own style and hopefully be good enough at that :)