Friday, October 19

That's the Button!!

I am so tired of the "hot flashes".  I mean really?  Well today I was drying my hair and it hit me  (not the hair dryer, although I have hit myself in the head a few times with it while in use) but the "Cool" button, the "Cool" setting. I have figured it out.

The hair dryer was invented by a woman who suffered from hot flashes.  Hot flashes while sleeping, while shopping, while getting dressed and un-dressed, while in the middle of a rain name it...she was fed up.  SO, she invented the "cool" button.

Now, there is the "cool blast" which is the quick button OR the "cool setting" in which you place your dryer and leave. Sure it takes about an hour longer to dry that beautiful mane of hair, but ohhhhh what a great feeling standing in the bathroom feeling fresh instead of having beads of sweat on your forehead, cleavage, even under the arm or in some cases the back. With this set on your dryer we are able to enjoy that time in the bathroom struggling with the round brush (hate those) and walk away from the mirror looking and feeling fresh, not like we just came in from a sauna. 

And what is with hair dryers?  Seriously, I posted on about two weeks ago my hair dryer experience and the fire. Yes, it caught on fire, and I headed on down to the local CVS to pick up a new one, (wet hair and all).  When did hair dryers become so complicated?  There is the super economy version OR the deluxe, I am a hair goddess version.  Come on, it's a hair dryer!  Our daugther Faith was with me and while sitting on the floor in the aisle we decided to go with the cool color one.  Pink! That was it, pink and it so happened that the Conair dryer we choose was a "breast cancer" support version and it was in the mid-way section as far as price.  So winner for everyone all around.  Happy and home, super excited to dry my hair, only to get home and find about 4 different "contraptions" to add on to the dryer.  Ughhhhhh, did  I mention it had a "cool button"? :)


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