Wednesday, March 28

Simple Enough For The Kids..

I am always talking about "prepping" doing ahead of time, shopping smart and having everything you need ready for any type of meal.  As much as I try, the kids (God bless them) still look and go through the plate in front of them with their eyes and forks.  You know, the "what is in this" question, or the move around the plate option, spotting every bit of green something or colored something.  Don't get me wrong, they are up to the challenge of the healthy meals and they know exactly what it is that their mom does every day and what I talk about.  I just have to ease up every once in a while and give them a "normal" plain ordinary meal.

Tonight will be just that, how much more simple can I get than chicken?  Oh that again.  Right, how many different ways can we create chicken?  How many nights a week do we have to eat it?  Well, beings that we don't do red meat in this house, you can only imagine how much chicken is cooked here.  This brings us to somewhat of a Stroganoff type chicken if you like. 

Chicken Breast
Cream of Celery Soup
Chicken Broth

Seriously, that is it.  Low sodium everything.  Just cook the chicken breast first, remove and set aside in a bowl.  Add mushrooms and onions to saute with chicken broth.  No, there was no measuring in this recipe, just go with it.  Get all that sauteed together, then add the chicken back in with the cream of celery.  I like to first put the cream of celery in a bowl and whisk it up to de-clump.  Steam some brown or white rice and top the rice with the chicken.

Done, easy and quick.  One pan, one meal, the most simple ever for the kids (until they fork around and see the onion).  This with a side salad and they are good to go.  Not to mention this meal is super affordable.  I know it is a hit when they ask for seconds. YAY!

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