Tuesday, August 7

Just Ginger

Since I tend to use Ginger alot in my recipes and smoothies, I thought I would give it a shout out.

One of my "must haves" in the house is my  fresh Ginger.  Keeping it in the freezer makes is so much easier to grate when I need it for whatever I am making.  It also keeps it much longer this way.  Just peel the skin off the ginger and use a microplane to grate what you need.

Not only is Ginger good for helping to ease colds and flu symptoms, it is great for nausea, motion sickness and  morning sickness.   Helps relieve muscle aches and pains, helps poor circulation and arthritic pain.  Ginger is an amazing source of nutrients and essential vitamins, along with being a great source of minerals, such as potassium, magnesium and copper.

Red and White Ginger Plants

Ginger is known to contain all of the following:

1) Calcium
2) Carbohydrate
3) Dietary Fiber
4) Iron
5) Magnesium
6) Manganese
7) Potassium
8) Protein
9) Selenium
10) Sodium
11) Vitamin C, E and B6

Adding Ginger to rice with some fresh garlic and fresh cilantro is a super easy and quick meal, squeeze some lime ontop.

Most smoothies of mine have some grated Ginger, especially my "orange" colored smoothies. 

Fresh Nectarine
One Orange
Spoonful of ground flax seed
1/2 cup Almond Milk (0 sugar)
Fresh grated Ginger

You can make this to your liking, the serving size I did was enough for one full glass. The 0 sugar almond milk is key, the ingredients in the smoothie make this sweet enough and of course has natural sugar in it.  Enjoy :)

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katarina said...

Yay for ginger! There is nothing quite like fresh ginger..i, myself, consume between 7-10 lbs. of it a week..i enjoy just chopping it up and eating it like potato chips..of course, with LOTS of water nearby! i feel that it is very energizing..i find it the freshest at an asian market in our city..they buy boxes and boxes of it every week. i don't even bother to peel it if the skin is thin enough and the ginger is super fresh..most people think that i am a little crazy but i sure feel good from it! thanks for the ginger posting!