Wednesday, August 22

Summer Skin

I know we are heading into Fall season soon, but Summer is still here and well even with the cloudy, over-cast mornings, we still need to watch and pay attention to our skin.  Now a days there are so many warnings and products and info out there about how to take care of and treat our skin.  Things I wish I would have known and paid more attention to years ago.  Growing up at Lake Tahoe as a kid and spending pretty much every day outdoors, either at the beach, swimming in the lake, playing at the Truckee river, or winter and being on skis all day long.  It just never really dawned on us about the sun and damage it can do. 

Then growing older and those teen years and young adult thinking that no way was the sun going to do anything wrong.  Heck no, we could be outside all day at someones pool, or the ocean, beach, whatever. We were invincible when it came to the sun.   Heck I remember the days of laying poolside with my girlfriends and soaking up the "rays" with Johnson's Baby Oil of all things.  Good lord!

Then I had my own kids and really started to pay attention and started noticing and listening to more stories about the sun and skin cancer.  What?  Oh no, not my babies.  So then I became the mom with every bag having sunscreen packed in it, even the car had sunscreen.  My kids were always wearing it and still do.  Did my mom ever think about sending me to school with sunscreen on?  Why would she?

During my 30's I really started to become more aware of my own skin and face.  But yet still had that "oh I have plenty of time" attitude and randomly just swiped on some sun screen here and there.  Like it was a must for me to take care of my children's faces but not mine.  Well now I am middle 40's and that last few years have really been an "eye opener" for me.  I am constantly looking at my skin and every line or age spot.  Kicking myself for not being concerned earlier on.  Spending time outdoors with hiking and running and still enjoying the pool, I have become an avid sunscreen wearer.  Not only sunscreen, but have now made a point of taking the time to see my aesthetician as often as I can. 

I found that it is NOT too late.  Taking care of my skin is of the utmost importance and since I don't really splurge on many other things, then my skin it is.  Thanks to Amber at I know that I can take care of my skin at this age and with any season.  Along with using the right products and her knowledge, I can get through summer, fall and winter and still enjoy all my outdoor activities and age gracefully.  Of course it would be nice to stay as young looking as possible. :)

Rhonda Allison is my choice of skin care line and I have never been happier.  Sure I shop and pick up my Neutrogena at the market, or my Oil of Olay because my (beautiful) grandmother, who is now in her 90's always had her bottle of Olay on her vanity and as a young girl I would sit and watch her apply her makeup telling her that "when I grew up I wanted to be a beautiful as her".  But for keeping my skin on a regimen I love my Rhonda Allison products.

Of course I have a few of my favs. like the Citrus Gel Cleanser because it is super light and without needing alot of product, it foams up really easy and can clean my entire face.  The Pumpkin cleanser makes me think of the holidays every time I use it and will be heading in to see Amber for my Pumpkin facial come the fall season.  The Amino Peptide Moisturizer is my every day and must, must have and I love the Retinol Supreme I have used for small break outs due to hormones, which has worked wonders within two days.  I love and must have my Brightening Cream, hello the name says it all.

Go check out the links and learn more about Rhonda Allison and her products.  Amber is located here in Sonoma, however she does ship and you can follow her on facebook at  It is so important to take care of our skin and there is no time better than now.

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