Monday, August 6

Impromptu Dinner....

Entertaining and creating food for friends is one of my most fav things to do.  Nothing more fun than a kitchen full of people, the aroma of wonderful smells swirling throughout the house, the sounds of chatter and laughing, music playing, wonderful wines being poured and the sound of a cork or two popping out of a good bottle of bubbly.  There is no need for a "special occasion",  although those are nice too.  Just the pure fun of throwing an "Impromptu Dinner".

 Thanks to technology today, a quick text message to friends or neighbors can make what would normally be a well-planned out, detailed dinner party.... a simple "having dinner tonight, making some new recipes around 6:30ish" dinner get-together.  The rest is as easy as, "we will be there, what can we bring, and can't wait to see what you are making this time".  Done, the Impromptu Dinner is under way.....Oh yeah, I need to call my hubby and tell him.

One rule about impromptu is that it helps to already have the ingredients in the house.  In this case, everything was on board, minus the goat cheese, fresh rosemary and the whole wheat pizza crust that we can get already made and rolled out from our local place .
Just a few easy items for my wonderful hubby to pick up on the way home from work.

*Grill-Roasted Peppers with Goat Cheese and Sauteed Summer Corn
*Cumin and Lime Roasted Sweet Potatoes
*Butternut Squash Pizza
Grilling whole peppers on the stove can be super quick and easy

Dinner was easy and the flavors of all the foods and ingredients together were amazing.

I love when everyone feels at home enough to get in and get to work...

  Cooking dinner and sharing good wine are a must....

  Stryker loves dinner parites.

Tomato salad with fresh basil, burrata, bread, EVOO, and balsamic


 Yellow watermelon salad....with cucumber and mint...

Make sure the pizza stone is hot first

The Arugula smells amazing and the pizza is sweet

Such a colorful dish and healthy enough for seconds..:)

Cheers! :)

 These recipes can be found at
The rest can be found here at our home:)