Saturday, August 25

Time With My Hubby and The Havarti Should Be Illegal....

One of my fav days with my hubby is when he is home from work on a weekday, we take full advantage of that while the kids are in school. Just enjoying some quiet time, hanging out together and we love going for our long hikes. It is great to have him around on those days because we motivate each other to get off our butts and get out. Sure I go on my own walks/runs while he is at work and the kids are in school, but it's just not the same.

I love our talks we have while hiking/walking, I love grabbing his hand and holding it, I love strolling through our cute town and all the shops once we are done and I love to stop at one of the cafes for a quick bite and a cup of coffee. We go early in the morning, so breakfast and coffee is still being served usually.

But some days, we just head back to the house and whip something great and healthy up in the kitchen. As you know I am all about smart shopping and clean eating as much as possible, so I really make it a habit to have as many ingredients in the house as I can, this way getting creative is more fun. Another thing I love is having leftovers to do something with. In this case I had some leftover lean ground turkey mixed with pinto beans and cheese from the night before, as I had made homemade burritos for the kids.

Perfect, the mixture along with some chicken-apple sausage (sliced thin) and an onion, yellow squash, tomato and red bell pepper and mushrooms, along with some fluffy scrambled eggs, made for a perfect post hike "brunch" for both the hubby and I.

Super easy, I just add EVOO to the pan and saute the veggies and throw in the sausage and the left-over turkey mixture. I cook the eggs separately then add them last. I top with chopped fresh chives and melt some Havarti cheese into the mix.

By the way...Havarti cheese should be illegal. We love cheese, and since we enjoy cheese and wine we taste alot of it.   Havarti is not cheese, it is butter, pure soft butter.  It  just melts in your mouth and works it way down the palate and you can't help but think that you have won the golden ticket or have some access to something very special when eating it.  It is that amazing, OR maybe it is just me, either case Love the Havarti.

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