Wednesday, February 29

Cutting the Cord...(in the kitchen)

I know, I am a huge control freak. Everything is done on a schedule, organization is a must and I pretty much run our lives like this. Although I have gotten much better with the kids as far as finally letting them take care of their own rooms and back packs, putting away laundry, etc. I still have a real difficult time cutting the cord when it comes to the kitchen. Not sure why, maybe because I am such a neat freak that I figure if I just do it all it will be easier to clean up.  Or me thinking that the kids will cut themselves, catch something on fire, heck who knows. We all hang together in the kitchen since we have the family dining table and homework area with kitchen all in one place, I feel like since we are all together then the kids are participating.

It was not until the other day when I went to pick Faith up from a field trip. Her fourth grade class was taking off for the night to one of the old Adobes here in the area. While there, they would be learning to live off  the land so to speak. Making homemade waxed candles, weaving baskets, cooking the meal. Faith was not going to be spending the night at the Adobe, but she was able to spend the entire day with her class. I had driven out to pick her up and as I entered the courtyard area it had hit me like a ton of bricks, there she was at her "station" cutting onions and preparing the dinner. I felt the huge grin grow across my face and could not help but think "wow, how cute is that". Then the emotion hit me, Faith was cooking and loving it.

Heading home in the car, all I could do was listen and soak up the stories she had from the day and then hearing the excitement talking about cooking. "Mom, I know how to cut and I want to help with dinner". She was so excited, the freckles on her face were glowing. "Of course princess, we will start when we get home and cleaned up" (again, schedule first). Dinner was an easy one, stir fry. So I set her up and let her go to work. Washing and cutting all the veggies, then she was asking for something more to do. Once the chicken breasts were cool, I let her cut those up and shred them. I don't think dinner has ever been so good. I had finally cut the cord and guess what? It was okay. It was better than okay. We talked, we had fun, she let me take pics. Although we are usually together in the kitchen, this night was different, it was special. Faith is turning 10 this weekend and at the same time, she is becoming my little lady.

Stir Fry Dinner
*NOTE* I do not measure (unless I really need to) so if you try, go with what is good for you

Chicken Brest (up to you how many)
Red Onion
Green Onion
Yellow Squash
Sea salt
Light Olive Oil
Brown Rice

Add all veggies together and saute until your liking in the olive oil
when done remove and put in bowl, set aside
cook chicken with low sodium soy
ginger (fresh is best) just grate
and low sodium or sodium free chicken broth

Add the veggies to the cooked chicken and toss together
Serve on top of brown rice :)


Michelle said...

I love this story... it is so important to get our kids in the kitchen and cooking with us.. I did not do it enough.. I loved cooking for them and thought of it as my job.. which I loved.. plus I was afraid of them making a mess and/or getting hurt.. but when I let them in there it was a wonderful feeling.. and they turned out to be some mean cooks :)

Into the curly Q's said...
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Into the curly Q's said...

That's awesome! I always feared them getting hurt, the mess well I have learned to live with that as my husband is the worst and usually who cooks in our household. He thinks the messier it is the better it will taste! LOL! I started doing something a little simialr a few months ago. I actually started letting my kids(three of them however my 18 year old wants nothing to do with it) pick any dinner they choose within reason once a week, they take turns each week and they are allowed to prepare or help prepare these meals. It's so funny some of the things they come up with and usually they are actually pretty good. My son has made "Dogritos", and "shrimp spegetti" (the spegetti was disgusting!), and my daughter has made lemon chicken, and orange stir fry. These are only the ones I can think of off the top of my head, but this is something that allows them to use imagination and gain experience in the kitchen. Funny how they change and want to be a part of everything as they get older, until they turn 18 that is! :)

~Susan Abruzzo