Tuesday, February 14

Game plan...nope Change of plans

Okay, so can I tell you? It is one of the days that I actually have dinner planned in my mind ahead of time. I knew what I was doing, I had all the ingredients and it's a school night. So turkey burgers are on the menu (veggie burgers as Faith calls them). I love to add veggies to our turkey burgers because the kids get them and I don't have to stress about the side dish too much.

Ingredients for our Turkey (veggie burgers)
Lean Ground Turkey
1/2 zuch
1/2 yellow squash
1/4 onion (yelllow, white)
few stems of pre-steamed broccoli
one carrot
Add all this to food processor and pulse
A splash of Vegie Broth (now here is where you need to watch it) even though it is 0 grams everything, the sodium is high per cup (I do not use a full cup, I use a splash)
Add all this to the ground turkey in a bowl and pour in bread crumbs (again, I don't measure) so I just guess.
A sprinkle of sea salt and some over the shoulder for luck.

I have buns warming in the oven for the kids (we go bun less the hubby and I) and know ready to cook them. I have a Wolf gas range so I don't mind cooking on the stove (besides, the grill is packed away for winter).
The you can see the broccoli puree
The pan is hot and the burgers are on....hmmm, wait a minute, this is not right.  The burgers are cooking yet they are falling apart and sticking to the stainless steel pan.  A quick phone call to the hubby at his office.  "Honey, seriously".....as I go on about the fact that my burgers are falling to pieces, sticking to the pan and it is HIS fault because he is not here to cook them for me. Change of plans quickly as the kids are at the table ready to eat....ugghhhh think, okay I have leftover pasta in the fridge and Faith loves her baked potato. Good that is a quick fix, now the bowl of ground turkey is going into the meatloaf dish and will make for a good dinner when hubby gets home, not to mention a tasty leftover for lunch tomorrow.
Check your sodium count

Okay so what does that tell me when the hubby walks in door from work tonight and says "Oh it smells like Chinese Food"......Really?


Michelle said...

LOL took me a few minutes after reading it to stop laughing enough to be able to type straight (as if I ever do that) I love these type of nights.. sounds like everyone had a great dinner.. not sure where the chinese smell came from though. Love the pictures!

fitnessmom said...

I know, what is up with that? I called my hubby and complained about the burgers....never did I mention Chinese Food...so it killed me when he walked in the door and said those words....just typical in our house...:) But the Coach boots sure were a nice surprise, and healthier than candy :)