Sunday, February 12

You Just Don't Want to Eat Breakfast? Well......

So are you trying to lose those pounds, get rid of that extra weight?  Guess what? Breakfast, that's what!   Did you know that studies show that a morning meal consisting of 400-500 cals. help you feel fuller longer?  Eating lean protein (approx 200 cals) like eggs or low-fat Canadian bacon in the a.m. can keep you feel more satisfied.  The reason behind this...Protein keeps you fuller longer than carbs do, so of course eating it at breakfast makes great sense. This can really help cut the calories during the day.

We have always heard that Breakfast is the "best and most important meal of the day", and yep, that is true.  People who have eaten breakfast every day tend to be not only thinner, but healthier because they have lower cholesterol and less risk for Type 2 diabetes than those who normally skip. Why?  Because breakfast food tends to be higher in "health-boosting" nutrients like fiber. Some of us have a hard time eating breakfast or we "don't have time"....listen I am not saying hit the alarm and jump up out of bed and whip up some food... not before that first cup of coffee anyway.
But most likely those who "skip" breakfast do pay the price later by overeating in the day.
"I don't have time to cook" excuse....WRONG I have gone over this many times on Fitnessmom, you do have time.  Breakfast wraps are perfect, you can either make them the night before and heat in the a.m. OR make that morning, wrap in foil to keep warm and go.
Anything can go into a breakfast wrap, if you are shopping properly the foods should be right at your finger tips...eggs, broccoli, spinach, rice, veggies of any kind, onion, beans....etc.
Heat up left overs

The "I Hate Breakfast" excuse,well okay, it does not have to be the standard breakfast food, take something from last night's left overs and heat it up. Make a of my homemade recipes...broccoli, spinach, apple, berries, Almond milk, cooked can create any kind of smoothie....pears, cucumbers, peanut butter, open the fridge and get creative.  Be careful if adding juice to smoothies, because of the sugar count.

Make a Smoothie if you don't want food
Quinoa makes a great breakfast oatmeal.  Heat 1/2 cup 1% milk, or almond milk, no fat milk, until it starts to steam.  Remove from heat and add cooked Quinoa to warm through.  Add some raisins and chopped apple and mix, top with Greek yogurt, drizzle with a tad bit of maple syrup or honey and sprinkle with cinnamon. 

Fruit, let's not forget fruit...endless amount of possibilities with this one.  The  point is, skipping breakfast is not smart, and the longer you wait to eat in the a.m., the worse off for the body...Are you eating your breakfast?

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