Saturday, February 11

Practice What I Preach....

Hello friends...I am very guilty of not practicing what I preach...I go over and over all the time on Fitnessmom about "Goals" and making them and setting them...however, when it comes to stopping by my blog and updating, I am slacking (my blog is one of my goals) let's see where are we now? Well made it through the holidays, actually did a holiday season without diving into the heavy foods, drinks, dips, sweets and all the calorie-ridden meals...So that means that the hubby and I are way ahead on track for the up-coming Spring/Summer season..we started working out in October!

Oh New Years, we actually went out...yep first time in 14 years (that I can recall) we sent to the kiddies to mom-in-law (and I was not quilt ridden) and we had a fun night out with friends, horns, hats, libations, food, and even that famous "midnight kiss" shared with hubby...Normally it is the countdown to a new year with Anderson Cooper (who by the way, I find very handsome) and Kathy Griffin, who makes me almost pee my pants she is so funny. season...and Super Bowl..well since my team (New Orleans) was not in this year, then whatever. Try living in Northern California and having to be surrounded by all the Niner fans and the Red and Gold, while standing alone as a firm true fan of the Black and Gold...yeah, yeah,yeah...So here we are, a week (oh wait, holly beegezzious) only days away from Heart Day, you know the one...candy boxes, flowers, sexy lingerie....blah blah...well why can't every day be Valentine Day? I love when my hubby comes home from the market with one or two bouquets of flowers...and he knows exactly what I like (the more simple the better) either just plain soft colored roses or my most fav..Gerber Daisy...

you bring me a carnation ever and I will throw it at your head...those belong on some red and white checkered table cloth in some dark restaurant...Now wait..I am not saying I don't love chocolate, flowers and especially some cute sexy panties and a, no...I just think why be the "norm" on Heart Day? A new pair of jeans, a new watch, a new pair of Toms or Havianas or heck even a nice sized gift card from Whole Foods (just to spend on myself) is like gold to me.

So let's move from here...I am going to be posting more on the blog...Fitnessmom is soaring like I could not even have imagined...all of you, the fans are wonderful and so kind and motivating to me...I am humbled by how blessed I am to have taken my passion and turned it into something amazing, instead of being afraid to take the jump and go on the journey, I said screw it and dove right in.  The ride from here on out is going to be fabulous and exciting, emotional and exhilarating...all while learning, teaching, sharing and growing close to the fans out there...becoming a family of health and fitness all together...I could not be more blessed...Okay, with all this said, I have alot of work in front of me.

I am going to be posting more recipes on here instead of my Fitnessmom face book page and stories...please comment and post. I always welcome your words and your questions even opinions, because I know that we can all agree to disagree at times...:) Share this Blog with all your friends and family, help to grow it with me...Bless all of you

 Fitnessmom xoxoxo

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